BioFen & Hair Regrowth Treatment and Prevention

Hair Loss Treatment



Understanding Hair Loss

Have you been noticing a lot of hair in your comb, on the pillow or in the shower drain? Does male/female pattern baldness runs in your family?

Why is this happening to you? and what are you going to do? …Don’t panic!

Understanding WHY you are loosing your hair is the first step to fighting hair loss. Learn about how to slow the rate of loss or even stop hair loss completely.

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How Does Bio-Fen Plus Work?

Looking for a natural hair loss treatment? One that doesn’t contain drugs, synthetic chemicals or involve painful implant surgery? Well – you’ve found it in Bio-Fen® Plus for Men and Bio-Fen® Plus for Women.

Learn about our two new natural hair loss treatment products with 2X the number of capsules, 3X the number of health claims for men and 4X the number of health claims for women!

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