Bio-Fen goes beyond giving you strengthened and luscious hair; it works to create a healthy internal system so your hair can flourish. A key ingredient in our products is flaxseed lignan extract. It does a number of things for hair loss in men and women. For hair loss in men, this active ingredient inhibits the enzyme 5-a-reducyaste which is responsible for converting free testosterone into DHT, the process that leads to hair loss. In women, it reduces excess cholesterol that also converts into DHT by increasing blood flow. This carries the various other vitamins formulated into Bio-Fen to the small capillaries of the hair roots.

Here is a little more about the role of flaxseed lignan extract.

What are they?

Flaxseed lignans are phytoestrogens that exhibit estrogen-like properties in our bodies. They are proven to be highly beneficial for those suffering from hypercholesterolemia – an excess of cholesterol in the blood. An 8-week controlled study was carried out to determine the effect of flaxseed extracts on plasma lipids and fasting glucose levels. The conclusion was that dietary flaxseed lignan extract decreased plasma cholesterol and glucose concentrations with controlled doses.   

This extract is also significant in helping women ages 36-48 suffering from hyperlipidemia – an abnormally high concentration of fats and lipids in the blood. A study at the University of San Diego tested 11 women in this age group in an experimental pilot study. Flaxseed lignan extract managed to improve their lipid value significantly and decrease their overall cholesterol.

The final analysis of these studies stated:

  • Whole flaxseed products made a significant impact onto cholesterol levels
  • Total cholesterol levels decreased by flaxseed lignan supplements
  • The cholesterol-lowing effects of flaxseed and subsequent products significantly helped women while it moderately helped men  

Fenugreek Extract

Fenugreek is another active ingredient in Bio-Fen products. In the form of steroid saponins and sapogenins, it helps to bind and eliminate excess cholesterol and other hormones like testosterone in the bowels. When this excess cholesterol is eliminated and less DHT can be made.

Fenugreek also contains sterol plant steroids that contain B-Siterol that can block the DHT enzyme along with flavonoids that carry out a similar function. Flavonoids also maintain the blood vessels and help to bring the nutrients to the areas that need it the most. The protein in this extract also helps to maintain the hair shaft to promote hair thickening.

The key to Bio-Fen’s effectiveness is the scientifically formulated balance of each active ingredient in the capsules. Bio-Fen works from the inside out to promote inner health for outer beauty. In addition to promoting thick, beautiful hair, Bio-Fen can help you gain control over your cholesterol.