While hair loss is mostly an issue that men face, women can also experience hair loss and hair thinning. A woman’s body is subjected to changes and transitions set by the course of life. While hair loss and thinning mostly take place in women who are over 50, it can happen at any age and for a variety of reasons.

Signs to look for

If you’re noticing greater amounts of hair loss, or your hair just doesn’t look and feel the same (no matter what your age is), using magnification to see if your follicles vary in size is a good way to see if you are experiencing hair loss.

If you notice that some areas are thick, while others are thin, you could be having a condition called Androgenetic Alopecia –a hereditary condition that affects almost 50% of women in Canada, and 30 million women in the US. Women with this problem are unfortunately unable to replace a shed hair follicle with a new one in equal size. Instead, the hair is finer, thinner and far less prominent. This is because the hair follicles are shrinking - and they inevitably stop growing.

How Bio-Fen Plus Helps Women

Bio-Fen Plus for Women works to stop female hair loss in a similar way as it does in men, with a few added effects specific to women’s needs. Bio-Fen Plus works to stop excess testosterone from being turned into DHT, a significant contributor to hair loss in both men and women, and restores your natural hair cycle.

Bio-Fen Plus’ scientifically formulated mix of all-natural ingredients (crucial vitamins and minerals for hair growth) is made to be bio-available to the areas in your body that need them the most. Biotin and Iron for instance are especially important for a woman’s health and they contribute to healthier, fuller-looking hair. They also contribute to healthy skin and healthy nails. As women also tend to experience iron deficiency more than men, Bio-Fen Plus’ carefully balanced formula helps to remedy that by maintaining iron levels in the body.

Stop hair loss and restore your hair to the way it used to look with Bio-Fen Plus for Women.