How Long Will Bio-Fen Plus® Take to Work?


Bio-Fen Plus® capsules contain a unique blend of vitamins and minerals that has been formulated to be more bio-available to your hair. Typically, the capsules can usually stop hair loss within the first two months of use. Healthy hair grows roughly about 1cm per month so it can take up to three months before increased hair growth or decreased hair loss becomes noticeable. Individuals experiencing new growth should see it within four months.


How Hormones Can Affect the Action of Bio-Fen Plus®


Since hormones both stimulate hair growth and cause hair loss, hormonal changes are by far the most significant aspect that can impact hair loss for both men and women.


While there are no known side effects whatsoever for using Bio-Fen Plus®, it is important that pregnant and breastfeeding women, those on hormonal medications such as levodopa, anti-coagulants, hypoglycemic medications, people undergoing hormonal therapy and those with impaired liver function talk to their doctors to determine whether adequate levels of B-vitamins will be achieved. It should be taken into consideration that many of these drugs and treatments interfere with the metabolism of one or more B-vitamins, which could impact absorption.


The Impact of Genetics


Everyone’s genetic profile is different. There is no universal product that will work with everyone. Patients should be aware that this treatment should be evaluated for up to 12-24 months to fully have an understanding of whether it is working for them or not. This treatment could result in new hair growth or the thickening of existing hairs later than the expected time. The goal of this therapy is to stop the further progression of hair loss and improve the density of the hair that remains.


We all produce varying levels of DHT (dihydrotestosterone) - a compound thought to be responsible for hair loss - yet only some people actually experience hair loss. So our levels of DHT alone don’t tell the full story. This is because the follicles of those with Androgenic Alopecia (also known as androgenetic alopecia, or AGA), a hereditary type of hair loss, have a greater number of androgen receptors. The original DHT compound attaches to these receptors and an enzyme known as 5AR catalyzes the conversion of testosterone into DHT, making the original compound five times stronger when it comes to hair loss.


Bio-Fen Plus® tackles this issue. The specially formulated blend directly inhibits the 5AR activity to directly restore the natural hair cycle. It also lowers the effects of estrogen on the hair cycle – a hormone that inhibits the elimination of DHT. Furthermore, it indirectly reduces excess free cholesterol – which is a building block of testosterone, so less DHT is made in the first place.


Bio-fen Plus® is an excellent way to achieve progress toward restoring your hair naturally, from the inside out. Some people even find that their hair’s original pigmentation starts to come back, and their hair density increases - which all contribute to an increased sense of well-being!


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