Stress and hair loss is a complicated issue, but there are some specific kinds of physiological stress which can have an effect on your hair loss patterns. Here’s an overview on how this type of stress interacts with the hair cycle.


The Hair Cycle


Typically, a human possesses roughly 120 000 to 150 000 strands of hair on their head. Our hair cycles move through different phases like the growing phase (anagen) – where almost all of our hair (90%) grows about half an inch each month. This phase can sustain itself for up to three years.


The next phase known as the transitional phase (catagen) is when the hair is transitioning from growing into a resting state, which takes over 2-3 weeks. Only 3% of our hair goes into this phase at once. The root sheath and follicle shrinks and attaches to the base of the hair at this time – and is therefore no longer attached to the blood supply on the scalp.


Then it moves fully into the resting phase (telogen) for up to 4 months. Only 8% of our hair does so at the same time. Hairs hang and then are shed -- a normal daily process. If you see a white bulb at the base of the hair, it signifies normal health.


Physiological Stressors and The Hair Cycle


Physiological stress that impacts routine bodily functions can cause the percentages of hairs that go into resting phase (telogen) to be abnormal. The resting phase is the determinant phase of hair loss. If too much hair is triggered into this phase at once, larger amounts of hair will fall out at once.


Stressors of this type include:


  • Going on and off an oral contraceptive or medication
  • Losing more than 15 pounds of weight (the change can cause an imbalance in your system)
  • Low-calorie diets
  • Lower estrogen levels after childbirth
  • Severe illness
  • High fevers
  • Major surgeries


While these periods of hair loss can be temporary for some, many of these stressors build over time – and physiological stress that lingers for long periods – from months that turn into years –can cause hair loss.


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